iPhone Fever. Do you have it?

The Penny Trap loves the iPhone. Seriously. I have a gadget infatuation and cannot get enough of this little bugger. I want one immediately.

And, as it turns out, I am not alone. Although Paris Hilton probably got her iPhone early as part of a plea bargain of some sort, I'm left to scuffle with the masses for my nifty piece of Appletech.

As this story demonstrates, things are getting hot for the iPhone. No shock, of course.

YouTube Noelia Video is Interesting...

Noelia, the sultry Puerto Rican singing sensation is creating waves with her recent video exploits that her (admittedly decent) voice hasn't yet managed.

If you take a quick look at the trackers of interest, you'll soon discover that many web users are searching as if there's no tomorrow to find the Noelia video on YouTube. After checking for a Noelia MySpace page to direct me to the video, I decided to go straight to YouTube to find it.

Was I disappointed? Hmmm... Will Ron Paul fade from the public memory faster than an iPhone can dial up Noelia's agent to inquire about her interest in an adult film career? Yeah, that's a horrible comparision, but you get the idea. I was a wee bit on the disappointed side.

Don't get me wrong (as if you could). Noelia is hotter than a 2-dollar pistol on the pavement in July, but the video wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. These fast-growing YouTube fads don't always offer a massive payoff, you dig?

Anyway, I'm sure this little sojourn to The Penny Trap didn't dissuade you from continuing your search for el video do Noelia (un poquito de Espanol, amigos). Happy hunting and thanks for visiting The Penny Trap.